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Teen & Adolescent Mental Health

Empowering teenagers to prioritize their mental well-being

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Teen Mental Health Issues

Adolescence is a complex and transformative stage of life. It is during this period that teenagers face numerous physical, emotional, and social changes, making it crucial to shed light on the mental health challenges they often encounter. We will explore different types of mental health issues that plague teens, aiming to increase awareness and promote a compassionate approach towards their struggles.

Teen mental health issues are a growing concern that requires immediate attention. It is crucial for parents, educators, and society as a whole to foster a compassionate and open environment where teenagers can seek help without fear of judgment. By understanding the different types of mental health issues that affect teenagers, we can strive to enhance mental health support, promote early intervention, and ensure that every adolescent has access to the resources they need to lead healthier and happier lives.

Building a solid foundation for teenagers’ emotional resilience and growth.

Our After-School Program

Relevance Intensive Outpatient After School Teen Program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of teenagers who require more intensive mental health support while still attending school. We offer a comprehensive range of therapy services, including individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy, all conveniently scheduled after school hours. Our team of skilled therapists and mental health professionals work closely with teens to address their mental health concerns, develop coping strategies, and foster resilience, ensuring they receive the help they need without compromising their academic progress.

Individualized Treatment Plans for Lasting Results
At our Intensive Outpatient Program After School, we understand that every teenager's journey to mental wellness is unique. That's why we develop individualized treatment plans tailored to each teen's specific needs. Our experienced clinicians conduct thorough assessments to identify areas of concern and create a targeted treatment approach that addresses those issues effectively. We combine evidence-based therapies with personalized interventions, empowering teens to overcome challenges and build the skills necessary to sustain their mental well-being long-term.
Cultivating Resilience and Coping Skills
We believe that equipping teenagers with effective coping skills and resilience-building techniques is crucial for long-term mental health success. Through our Intensive Outpatient Program After School, we offer a variety of therapeutic modalities and workshops aimed at developing these essential skills. From stress management techniques to mindfulness practices, our program provides teens with valuable tools they can utilize in their daily lives. By cultivating resilience and teaching healthy coping mechanisms, we empower teenagers to face life's challenges with strength and confidence.

Common Mental Health Conditions for Teens

Anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder, affect a significant portion of teenagers. Underlying factors such as academic pressure, peer expectations, and hormonal changes can contribute to heightened anxiety levels. It is essential to encourage open conversations about anxiety, destigmatize seeking help, and provide coping mechanisms to manage anxiety effectively.

Depression is another prevalent mental health issue that affects many adolescents. Teenagers with depression often experience persistent sadness, loss of interest in activities, irritability, changes in appetite, and difficulty concentrating. Recognizing the signs and providing a supportive environment play a crucial role in helping teenagers cope with depression. Early intervention, therapy, and medication can make a significant difference in their lives.

Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder, disproportionately affect teenagers, particularly girls. Factors such as body image pressure, societal standards, and distorted self-perception contribute to the development of these disorders. It is vital to promote a positive body image, educate teens about healthy eating habits, and address self-esteem issues to prevent and treat eating disorders.

Teenagers may turn to substance abuse as a way to cope with underlying mental health issues or peer pressure. Substance abuse includes the misuse of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prescription drugs, and other illicit substances. Educating adolescents about the risks and consequences of substance abuse, fostering open communication, and providing access to therapy and rehabilitation resources can help address this issue.

Self-harm, including cutting, burning, or self-inflicted injury, is an alarming behavior associated with mental health struggles among teenagers. Adolescents experiencing severe mental distress may resort to self-injury as a misguided coping mechanism. Suicide also remains a significant concern, as rates among teenagers continue to rise. Raising awareness, destigmatizing discussions about suicidal ideation, and providing access to mental health professionals are vital steps to prevent tragic outcomes.

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Why Our Teen Programs are Essential for Mental Health

Adolescence can be a tumultuous phase of life, with teenagers facing various challenges that can impact their mental well-being. Our Teen Program is designed to provide a safe and supportive space for teenagers to address these challenges, develop coping strategies, and build emotional resilience. With a team of experienced mental health professionals, we guide teens on a journey towards self-discovery, growth, and lifelong mental wellness.
Comprehensive and Tailored Support
Our Teen Program offers comprehensive and tailored support to meet the unique needs of adolescents. From individual counseling sessions to group therapy, our program ensures that each teen receives personalized attention. We address a wide range of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, stress management, and more. Our goal is to equip teenagers with the necessary tools and skills to navigate the complexities of life while building a strong foundation for their mental health.
Engaging and Innovative Approach
We understand that traditional methods may not always resonate with teenagers. That's why our Teen Program incorporates an engaging and innovative approach to mental health support. Through interactive workshops, creative expression activities, and skill-building exercises, we create an environment that encourages teens to explore their emotions, thoughts, and aspirations. By blending evidence-based practices with cutting-edge techniques, we empower teenagers to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and discover healthy ways to manage their mental well-being.
Supportive Community and Lasting Connections
Our Teen Program not only provides individualized support but also fosters a supportive community. We believe that peer connections play a vital role in teenagers' journey towards mental wellness. Through group therapy sessions, support groups, and shared experiences, teens can connect with others who understand their challenges and triumphs. Building lasting connections within our program creates a sense of belonging and strengthens their support network, even beyond their time in the program. 848-208-8450

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What our clients have to say about us.

In a world where the treatment of addiction has become "one-size fits all," Relevance is a breath of fresh air. The staff pride themselves on their ability to compose a personal road map of recovery for each individual. Creating unique treatment plans and exposing their clients to multiple pathways to recovery allows each person to truly find what is missing in their lives. Relevance is radically changing the face of addiction treatment.
Alicia C.
This place is something I wish I found years ago. The staff along with Dan and his family Go above and beyond to help us. It’s more like family than anything else and that’s what’s made this whole experience worthwhile. They take different approaches to recovery and teach us what tools work best for the individual. I’m grateful to have found this place!
Lucy Y.
Not only an amazing place but its ran by one of the most amazing families. They truly care about each person walking in and out of their doors. I highly recommend - would give 10 stars if I could!!
Nicole N.
Relevance Behavioral Health has helped my son remain focused on his recovery; and changed his life for the better. All of staff are helpful and are always willing to help and listen when times are tough. Groups are always enlightening and group activities are always fun and enjoyable. Staff members are down to earth and they always show by example, they do not judge. I would highly recommend Relevance Behavioral Health to any addict who is suffering and willing to make a change.
Michael K.
This is a wonderful place with people who actually care. I have been to many treatment centers and none compare. If you or a loved one need help I highly suggest going here.
Shawn M.
Relevance Behavioral Health saved my life!! Anyone struggling with mental health or addiction would 100% benefit from coming here. This place taught me so many skills and coping mechanisms I’ve never even heard of before, all of which helped me recover. I loved my experience here and would 10/10 recommend!!
Gabriela Z.
Definitely a wonderful place to receive help for mental illness and addiction problems. The staff make the groups informative and fun. If you are serious about your issues try relevance.
Evan S.
Relevance is the only place that I did not feel alone with my addiction. Not only have I found friends for life, I've learned that I am not only an addict but have a disease which caused me to suffer mentally. Because of this treatment facility, I have a plan to tackle life clean and sober!
James V.
Relevance of Freehold, New Jersey was by far the nicest, most helpful, consistent, and caring place I’ve ever went to for treatment. I am the class of 2022!
Chris C.
Everyone that I’ve come in contact with here really cares about the work that they’re doing. That’s a really hard quality to find in behavioral health. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs it.
Kari V.

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