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Verify Insurance

Interested in entering the outpatient program at Relevance Behavioral Health? Your health insurance plan may cover all, or at least some, of your treatment at our facility! 

To save time on your initial phone call with one of our admissions counselors, you’re invited to verify your insurance online. All you have to do is fill out our secure verification of benefits form, and we’ll get a notification and then respond to you within a few hours regarding your insurance coverage. (Please allow more time if you submit this form on the weekend or a holiday.)

Thank you for your interest in Relevance Behavioral Health, and we hope to be able to help you with your recovery soon!

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Costs, Financing & Insurance

Insurance Verification & Billing

Relevance Behavioral Health can bill almost all insurance companies that accept out-of-network benefits. Many insurance plans can seem confusing, but we will help you determine your benefits at no extra cost. We will explain your benefits and whether you have a deductible or out-of-pocket costs that must be met.

Private Payment & Financing

Many people choose to either pay for our program on a credit card or acquire financing to cover the costs of our treatment. Even if a certain client has insurance that we can bill, paying privately for our program may still be his or her preferred option. If the program costs have been covered, treatment delivered to the client won’t be interrupted even if there is a problem with insurance billing. We can then bill on a reimbursement basis for the services delivered. Call our Admissions Department to learn about current program costs.

Our Intake Process

1. Contact us online or over the phone to discuss you or your loved one’s current situation. Our expertise will determine the level of care needed and provide support to the individual and family from Intervention to Detox to Treatment to Aftercare. (To understand treatment levels of care explained, click here). We will assess:

  • Substance of Use
  • Whether or not the client has been through or needs detox
  • Finance & Insurance Coverage

2. Complete an initial intake with our Admissions Team. During the initial intake, we conduct a series of assessments that include a biological, psychological, and social evaluation. Our intake team will conduct an assessment to determine appropriate level of care. We assess if a client’s home environment is stable and capable of supporting our treatment efforts. If our treatments and mindfulness practices cannot be exercised in the home, or our client is under high levels of stress within their family environment, we can recommend an area structured sober living house.

  • Determination of co-occuring mental health conditions
  • Level of Outside Support
  • Medications
  • Underlying Medical Conditions

3. By providing options and support, Relevance will continue to work with the family to insure proper treatment placement whether that is at our center or another place of care.

We have treatment programs for the following substance dependencies: