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Cocaine Rehab Center in New Jersey

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Cocaine Rehab Center in New Jersey

There are quite literally thousands of different addictive substances out there. Some of them are legal and readily available to anybody who wants them. Others have been made illegal due to their addictive potential or the effects that they cause. Some drugs fit into their own category but are no less dangerous or addictive. One such drug that is still widely used despite being illegal and addictive is cocaine. A cocaine addiction can have serious consequences and can be difficult to break without proper treatment. The most effective way to safely get over a cocaine addiction in New Jersey is by finding a cocaine rehab center.

Before someone can go to rehab, however, it is important to determine if they are addicted to cocaine or not. Just how addictive is cocaine and what are the signs someone is addicted to cocaine? These are the questions we are going to answer for you so that you can get your loved one the help they need to kick their habit and get back to a life free of drugs. Relevance Recovery is not only a top-rated addiction treatment facility that offers cocaine addiction treatment in New Jersey, but we have specialized programs depending on specific needs, like New Jersey inpatient rehab stays that focus on safety and medical support, or a program for teens and adolescents that focuses on the unique challenges and obstacles that young people deal with in addiction.  

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What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a drug derived from the leaves of the coca plant. In its pure form, it is a gummy yellowish powder. Cocaine has existed for centuries and was used by native peoples in areas where it grew as a medicine due to some of its properties. Later, cocaine was adopted by medical practitioners due to its properties to suppress appetite and to act as an anesthetic for surgical procedures. The drug would continue to be used until the 1970s when it was discovered that the drug was being used recreationally and had addictive properties. 

In terms of classification, cocaine is considered a stimulant. The drug has the effect of increasing heart rate, breathing, and alertness along with suppressing the appetite and slowing the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. Because of these properties, cocaine began to be used as a party drug, with people taking it while drinking or doing other drugs to enhance the effects. Though it is rarely still used in some parts of the world for medical treatments, it has largely been illegal in the United States for roughly 50 years. This makes it one of the most widely-used illegal substances in the United States, alongside the likes of heroin and crack.

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How Addictive is Cocaine?

Cocaine is considered highly addictive due to the fact that it causes mental changes in the body as well as physical dependence. These two factors together make it incredibly habit-forming even for those without a history of addiction. 

Cocaine is particularly dangerous because it changes how the reward center of the brain functions. Over time, the brain finds less and less enjoyment without having cocaine present, meaning that people who are doing cocaine may feel a lack of excitement or fulfillment unless they are doing the drug. This effect worsens the longer a person uses cocaine. Once a person becomes chemically dependent on cocaine, it is only a matter of time before they are fully addicted to where their body craves the drug and they will enter withdrawal without it. 

Once a person reaches this stage of addiction, it is dangerous to try and quit using cocaine without the proper treatment at a New Jersey cocaine rehab center. Each drug has its own signs and symptoms which is why they require specialized treatment for the addiction. 

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What Are the Signs of Cocaine Addiction?

Though each individual’s experience with cocaine will be a little bit different, there are certain signs to look out for. 

First, if you notice that your loved one is sniffling, sneezing, or constantly blowing their nose without a medical reason, this may be a sign of cocaine use. White powder around the nostrils or mouth, nose bleeds, and even holes in the nose may become present with repeated use. 

Socially, they may become distant as they engage in drug-seeking behavior. They may disassociate from friends and activities they once used to enjoy in favor of doing drugs. They may lack personal hygiene and neglect going to school or work. 

While on the drug they may seem agitated, jittery, or hyperactive. Their pupils may dilate, rate of speech may increase, and they may exhibit signs of overconfidence or anger with prolonged use. If you notice any combination of these symptoms, it is highly likely that the person is addicted to and abusing cocaine.  

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How to Get Help With Your Cocaine Addiction in New Jersey

One of the hardest parts about getting someone help with a drug addiction is getting them to admit they have a problem. Particularly with a drug like cocaine, the addict may claim that they only use it occasionally or only in social settings and that they don’t have a problem with it. However, once a person continues to use the drug for long enough, it becomes a centerpoint in their lives and an addicted person will continue using the drug despite the negative consequences. That’s why the most important first step to recovery is getting them to admit they have a problem. 


Once they admit they have a problem and are ready to get help, the next step is to bring them to Relevance Recovery where our highly trained medical staff can watch over them during the detox and withdrawal process. Detox can be dangerous, but once the person is safely through it, they can begin the main portion of their treatment and truly get on the road to recovery. 


Here at our cocaine rehab center in New Jersey, we combine traditional practices and therapies with a holistic approach to recovery to create an environment that is highly conducive to recovery and highly effective at getting clients to where they need to be to move forward free of their addiction. When your loved one is ready to get help, give us a call right away at 1-866-245-1497.

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