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‘I always describe addiction as more of an infection than a disease. It starts off as a wound that isn’t taken care of properly whether that is a chemical imbalance, a belief system that is irrational, unresolved trauma or the inability to cope with conditions. A person finds a substance or behavior that fixes the symptoms but not the problem and the wound becomes infected (addiction). Addiction Treatment is where one goes to clean that wound out of the infection and then recovery, community, and relapse prevention are the protocol in order to finally heal that wound. Once all our wounds are healed, we need to maintain these practices so that any new wounds do not become infected.’ 

– Daniel Regan, CEO

Our Philosophy

At Relevance we believe in the ‘infection’ of addiction. We recognize that this health issue stems from one or multiple root causes which imbalance ones life resulting in a need to relieve the suffering. These root causes are chemical imbalances, unresolved trauma, a belief system or perspective that is working against you, and the inability to cope with current conditions.

These causes are the reason addiction takes ahold of someones life, therefore addiction is not the primary issue but a symptom of a deeper root cause. Relevance has found that these root causes are treatable and can be reversed. This also means addiction can be too!

At Relevance Behavioral Health, we have a superior team that has the clinical expertise to custom tailor a drug and alcohol abuse treatment plan that will help you or your loved one discover and find a solution to these root causes. We offer state of the art program modalities and therapeutic treatments to make sure we can help you find the answers and solutions you or your loved one need. Our drug and alcohol abuse treatment center is also directly linked to the world’s only true aftercare program and drug and alcohol abuse relapse prevention system, CFC Loud n Clear Foundation, which ensures you or your loved one will be able to fully heal those old wounds.

A Letter from Daniel Regan

Achieving drug and alcohol recovery is a complicated process, I understand this first hand. That is why at Relevance we have created an intensive outpatient program that streamlines the drug and alcohol recovery process for our clients. This intensive outpatient program was created to solve the underlying causes of addiction, teach new coping skills, balance & heal the mind, body & spirit, and also empower with passion and purpose.

Our outstanding team of professionals will ensure that clients of all backgrounds feel relevant and needs are being met with excellent care. Our clients not only leave feeling motivated, healthy, and ready to start their new life – they leave with the ability to join into a strong, passionate drug and alcohol recovery community; where we will continue to monitor their progress and reintegration back into their new lives for over 18 months.

Our full continuum of care ensures that clients can take everything learned and created at Relevance and put it into action with other individuals that have graduated and achieved long term drug and alcohol abuse recovery!

Daniel Regan

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Our Dedicated Staff

Meet Our Amazing People



Clinical Director

Jessica Alomar, LPC, LCADC

Joshua Ansley

Spiritual Advisor

Barbara Robinson, MSW


Rebecca Vietze,


Jessica Garrett,



Paul Gazzara

Medical Director
rr dr

Paul Gazzara

Martins Akhibi

Nurse Practitioner
Martins Akhibi

Obinna Ezealor
Advanced Practice Nurse, PMHNP

Advanced Practice Nurse


Christopher D'Alessio

Director of Operations

Christopher D'Alessio


John Bachmann

Admission Coordinator

Giavanna Marie Rodriguez

Case Manager

Giavanna Marie Rodriguez

Daniel Picurro


Daniel Picurro

Tiffany Colon


Tiffany Colon


Allie Conte


Allie Conte

Gabrielle Siegmund


Gabrielle Siegmund

We are Relevance Recovery.

What our clients have to say about us.

In a world where the treatment of addiction has become "one-size fits all," Relevance is a breath of fresh air. The staff pride themselves on their ability to compose a personal road map of recovery for each individual. Creating unique treatment plans and exposing their clients to multiple pathways to recovery allows each person to truly find what is missing in their lives. Relevance is radically changing the face of addiction treatment.
Alicia C.
This place is something I wish I found years ago. The staff along with Dan and his family Go above and beyond to help us. It’s more like family than anything else and that’s what’s made this whole experience worthwhile. They take different approaches to recovery and teach us what tools work best for the individual. I’m grateful to have found this place!
Lucy Y.
Not only an amazing place but its ran by one of the most amazing families. They truly care about each person walking in and out of their doors. I highly recommend - would give 10 stars if I could!!
Nicole N.
Relevance Behavioral Health has helped my son remain focused on his recovery; and changed his life for the better. All of staff are helpful and are always willing to help and listen when times are tough. Groups are always enlightening and group activities are always fun and enjoyable. Staff members are down to earth and they always show by example, they do not judge. I would highly recommend Relevance Behavioral Health to any addict who is suffering and willing to make a change.
Michael K.
This is a wonderful place with people who actually care. I have been to many treatment centers and none compare. If you or a loved one need help I highly suggest going here.
Shawn M.
Relevance Behavioral Health saved my life!! Anyone struggling with mental health or addiction would 100% benefit from coming here. This place taught me so many skills and coping mechanisms I’ve never even heard of before, all of which helped me recover. I loved my experience here and would 10/10 recommend!!
Gabriela Z.
Definitely a wonderful place to receive help for mental illness and addiction problems. The staff make the groups informative and fun. If you are serious about your issues try relevance.
Evan S.
Relevance is the only place that I did not feel alone with my addiction. Not only have I found friends for life, I've learned that I am not only an addict but have a disease which caused me to suffer mentally. Because of this treatment facility, I have a plan to tackle life clean and sober!
James V.
Relevance of Freehold, New Jersey was by far the nicest, most helpful, consistent, and caring place I’ve ever went to for treatment. I am the class of 2022!
Chris C.
Everyone that I’ve come in contact with here really cares about the work that they’re doing. That’s a really hard quality to find in behavioral health. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs it.
Kari V.

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