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Deep Rooted In Freehold, NJ.

Nestled in the heart of Freehold, NJ, the Relevance Recovery Behavioral Health Center is more than just a place of healing; it’s a sanctuary of fortitude. The moment you step through its doors, you’re greeted with an atmosphere of compassion,  understanding, and healing. The dedicated staff at Relevance Recovery are passionate about helping individuals on their journey to recovery from mental health challenges and substance abuse. With a holistic approach to healing, they offer a wide range of therapies and support services that cater to each individual’s unique needs. One of their standout features is the provision of serene sober living houses, affectionately named B Houses where both “B Loved” and “B Amazing” house our community of new beginnings. These homes provide a safe and nurturing environment where residents can continue their recovery journey while surrounded by a community that encourages them to be their best selves. Relevance Recovery stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of mental health and substance abuse treatment, where the focus is not only on healing but on empowering individuals to embrace a brighter future—You Are Relevant!

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Achieving drug and alcohol recovery is a complicated process, I understand this first hand. That is why at Relevance we have created an intensive outpatient program that streamlines the drug and alcohol recovery process for our clients. This intensive outpatient program was created to solve the underlying causes of addiction, teach new coping skills, balance & heal the mind, body & spirit, and also empower with passion and purpose.

Our outstanding team of professionals will ensure that clients of all backgrounds feel relevant and needs are being met with excellent care. Our clients not only leave feeling motivated, healthy, and ready to start their new life – they leave with the ability to join into a strong, passionate drug and alcohol recovery community; where we will continue to monitor their progress and reintegration back into their new lives for over 18 months.

Our full continuum of care ensures that clients can take everything learned and created at Relevance and put it into action with other individuals that have graduated and achieved long term drug and alcohol abuse recovery!

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

Tour Bhouses

Bhouses is a remarkable organization known for its heartfelt dedication to creating safe and supportive sober living environments. Their lovely work revolves around providing individuals in recovery with the opportunity to heal and thrive in a caring community. Bhouses’ commitment to promoting a sense of belonging, self-worth, and personal growth is truly commendable. Through their nurturing and inclusive approach, they help individuals regain their footing on the path to sobriety and a brighter future. Bhouses’ mission embodies the belief that recovery is not just about abstaining from substances; it’s about rediscovering the joy and purpose in life. Their lovely work continues to inspire hope and transformation in the lives of those they serve, making them a beacon of positivity and support in the realm of sober living.

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We are Relevance Recovery.

What our clients have to say about us.

In a world where the treatment of addiction has become "one-size fits all," Relevance is a breath of fresh air. The staff pride themselves on their ability to compose a personal road map of recovery for each individual. Creating unique treatment plans and exposing their clients to multiple pathways to recovery allows each person to truly find what is missing in their lives. Relevance is radically changing the face of addiction treatment.
Alicia C.
This place is something I wish I found years ago. The staff along with Dan and his family Go above and beyond to help us. It’s more like family than anything else and that’s what’s made this whole experience worthwhile. They take different approaches to recovery and teach us what tools work best for the individual. I’m grateful to have found this place!
Lucy Y.
Not only an amazing place but its ran by one of the most amazing families. They truly care about each person walking in and out of their doors. I highly recommend - would give 10 stars if I could!!
Nicole N.
Relevance Behavioral Health has helped my son remain focused on his recovery; and changed his life for the better. All of staff are helpful and are always willing to help and listen when times are tough. Groups are always enlightening and group activities are always fun and enjoyable. Staff members are down to earth and they always show by example, they do not judge. I would highly recommend Relevance Behavioral Health to any addict who is suffering and willing to make a change.
Michael K.
This is a wonderful place with people who actually care. I have been to many treatment centers and none compare. If you or a loved one need help I highly suggest going here.
Shawn M.
Relevance Behavioral Health saved my life!! Anyone struggling with mental health or addiction would 100% benefit from coming here. This place taught me so many skills and coping mechanisms I’ve never even heard of before, all of which helped me recover. I loved my experience here and would 10/10 recommend!!
Gabriela Z.
Definitely a wonderful place to receive help for mental illness and addiction problems. The staff make the groups informative and fun. If you are serious about your issues try relevance.
Evan S.
Relevance is the only place that I did not feel alone with my addiction. Not only have I found friends for life, I've learned that I am not only an addict but have a disease which caused me to suffer mentally. Because of this treatment facility, I have a plan to tackle life clean and sober!
James V.
Relevance of Freehold, New Jersey was by far the nicest, most helpful, consistent, and caring place I’ve ever went to for treatment. I am the class of 2022!
Chris C.
Everyone that I’ve come in contact with here really cares about the work that they’re doing. That’s a really hard quality to find in behavioral health. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs it.
Kari V.