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Biosound Therapy

Alternative Addiction Treatment: Biosound Therapy

Traditional treatment methods such as talk therapy, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and others have been used as instrumental parts of comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs for decades. The reason for their ongoing
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United Healthcare is one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers. They offer a wide variety of plans with varying degrees of coverage for addiction treatment.

Rehab Centers That Accept United Healthcare

In 2010, the landscape of paying for addiction treatment changed significantly. Before that time, insurance companies, whether private or government-funded, could limit or entirely restrict benefit coverage for addiction and
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Medication-assisted treatment

The Benefits of a MAT Program for Addiction

Medication-assisted treatment or MAT combines the well-studied behavioral therapy benefits with medications to treat substance use disorders and addiction. Choosing a medication-assisted therapy program means that your treatment for opioid,
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