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In this world of information overload, it’s easy to get distracted. But some people have problems paying attention and focusing that can be so severe, it reduces their quality of life. It may get in the way of their relationships with others and cause them to be unable to hold down a job or even complete the most basic tasks. 

People who have difficulty focusing may be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is a condition that typically begins in childhood, and can carry on into adulthood. It can lead to feelings of low self-esteem and other social issues. 

ADHD may last years, or it may be lifelong. But even those with permanent symptoms may be able to manage them through ADD/ADHD treatment for adults like medication and talk therapy. Read on to find out what you can do if ADHD is negatively affecting your life. 

Introduction and Overview of ADHD

ADHD is a condition characterized by an inability to focus, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. 8.4% of children and 2.5% of adults living with ADHD. It is commonly diagnosed in school-aged children. 

In some cases, ADHD symptoms will go away in a few years so that it doesn’t continue into adulthood. In other instances, it may be a lifelong condition. 

Symptoms of ADHD

There are three different types of ADHD: hyperactive/impulsive, inattentive and a combination of the two. Inattentive ADHD was once referred to as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) since hyperactivity was not considered a major symptom. However, the term has since been outdated and now all types of attention disorders are classified as ADHD. 

Here are examples of the symptoms of each. 


  • Inability to pay attention to detail leading to careless mistakes 
  • Difficulty staying focused on tasks and activities
  • Difficulty completing tasks
  • Not listening when spoken to
  • Problems with organization
  • Avoiding tasks that involve concentration
  • Losing things often
  • Becoming easily distracted
  • Forgetting to perform daily tasks


  • Inability to sit still is characterized by squirming or fidgeting
  • Inability to stay seated
  • Running around when it’s not appropriate to do so
  • Unable to stay quiet when playing or performing tasks
  • Overly talkative
  • Interrupts speakers when being spoken to
  • Has difficulty waiting for his or her turn

While many children exhibit these symptoms, they will be more pronounced in those with ADHD. To be diagnosed with ADHD at least six of the symptoms listed above (per category) will be exhibited often.

Although ADHD can linger into adulthood, adults tend to have symptoms more under control. 

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What Causes ADHD?

Scientists are not exactly what causes ADHD. Here are a few factors that may be involved.

  • Genetics: ADHD may run in families.
  • Environment: Studies have shown that there may be a link between lead exposure and ADHD. Other environmental factors may play a role as well. 
  • Issues During Development: There is evidence that ADHD may have to do with how the nervous system developed in the child. 

There are certain risk factors that make ADHD more likely to develop. These include the following:

  • The mother drank, smoked, or used drugs while pregnant. 
  • Premature birth. 

ADHD Treatment

Children with ADHD may be treated with behavioral therapy. If the condition is so severe that it gets in the way of their ability to learn, they may be enrolled in a special education class. Adults may be treated with a combination of therapy and ADD adults medication treatment.

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ADHD Treatment

A minimum 2-3 hours a week of individual sessions with specialized, licensed outpatient counselors including the following:

In addition, we provide virtual telemedicine options due to COVID-19. Contact us to learn more.

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When to Get Help for ADHD

ADHD can be mild. In fact, some adults may not even realize they have it. In other instances, it can be debilitating and reduce the quality of life. Here are some signs it may be time to get the best treatment for adults with ADHD.  

Poor Performance at Work or School: If your ADHD is getting in the way of your ability to excel at your job or at school, it may be time to reach out. Many people with ADHD may be unable to hold down a job due to their condition. 

Frequent Accidents: People with ADHD may be unable to focus. This results in car accidents and other types of accidents that can lead to trouble with the law and financial difficulties. 

Coexisting Conditions: People with ADHD may be dealing with coexisting conditions such as depression, anxiety disorder, and more. While ADHD may not be directly related to the development of the condition, it can make the condition worse. A therapist will provide ADHD and bipolar treatments for adults including strategies that help you deal with ADHD and any coexisting conditions. 

Unstable Relationships: Your ADHD may get in the way of your ability to have healthy relationships with others. If your lack of focus is causing you to lose friends, look into ADHD treatment centers for adults.

Drug and Alcohol Use: Many adults are reluctant to come forward about their ADHD symptoms. They may be embarrassed, they may be dealing with stigmas, or they may think their issues aren’t that bad. They turn to alcohol and drugs to treat symptoms that can make matters worse overall. If you are dealing with ADHD and addiction, do not hesitate to reach out.

Suicidal Thoughts: If ADHD is combined with depression, individuals may become suicidal. If you are having thoughts of self-harm, get help right away. If you are in imminent danger of hurting yourself, call 911. 

What to Expect in ADHD Treatment Centers for Adults

There are several ways to go when it comes to ADD/ADHD treatment for adults, but an outpatient clinic may be your best bet.

Outpatient treatment involves therapy sessions that are conducted in tandem with your day-to-day activities. You will still be able to work and hang out with friends and family, but you will be involved in an intensive ADD/ADHD treatment.

The first step will be an investigative process. Therapists will interview you to find out more about your condition to determine possible underlying causes and the best treatment for adults with ADHD. They will introduce strategies and healthy coping mechanisms to replace ADHD tendencies and improve focus.

If you have developed an addiction in relation to your ADHD, you may start out with inpatient treatment. The medical staff will put you through detox and therapy and monitor you to make sure you don’t relapse. Then they will follow up with outpatient therapy to ensure you adjust to sober living.

There are many ADHD treatment centers for adults, but Relevance Recovery takes an approach that sets us apart. We know that every patients’ situation is unique, and we work out a customized plan for each individual.

Our services include traditional and alternative therapies making for an integrative multidisciplinary and holistic rehab process. In addition to talk therapy strategies that may include cognitive behavioral therapy, we integrate music therapy, massage therapy, yoga, biofeedback and meditation into the recovery plan.

Patients that graduate from our program that has been dealing with addiction are moved on to a sober living home where they can join our nonprofit abuse relapse prevention program, CFC. This will help them maintain sobriety as they adjust to their ‘new normal.

Dealing with ADHD can lead to a loss in productivity, destroyed relationships, and dangerous situations. Don’t let it take over your life.

Relevance Recovery is here to give you the help we need. Call today to find out more about our ADHD treatment centers for adults and learn how you can start on a path to happy healthy living.

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The treatment experience at Relevance has been extremely helpful in terms of addressing the root causes of my addiction and teaching me different tools in recovery. All of the counselors provide interactive groups and individual meetings to help make recovery exciting. Treatment here has also helped me identify my goals and breaking them down into manageable pieces.”

– B.S.

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