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Recovery Coaching

Discover how Relevance Recovery utilizes modern advances to assist our clients on the path to recovery from addiction and mental health struggles.

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What Is Recovery Coaching and Why Does It Work?

Millions of people are affected by addiction each year, but only a fraction of those people receive the help they need. Many individuals struggle with addiction independently and don’t know where to find help. That’s where recovery coaching comes in. Recovery coaching is a growing field that offers hope and support to those struggling with addiction. 

Relevance Recovery is a drug addiction and mental health rehab center in New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more about our multiple pathways approach and our recovery coaching in New Jersey!

What are the 3 P's of Addiction Recovery?

Recovery coaching focuses on the 3 P’s of addiction recovery: preparation, process, and progress.


Preparation involves assessing your individual needs, setting goals, and creating an action plan to reach those goals.


Process, which involves working with a coach to identify obstacles in your way and developing strategies to overcome those obstacles.


Progress is about tracking your progress and celebrating the successes along the way.

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What is an Addiction Recovery Coach?

An addiction recovery coach is a trained professional who works with individuals to help them reach their recovery goals.

Is a Recovery Coach Different from a Doctor, Therapist, or Sponsor?

A recovery coach differs from a doctor, therapist, or sponsor. While doctors and therapists focus on medical and psychological care, recovery coaches focus on helping individuals stay on track with their recovery plans. Sponsors provide emotional support and guidance but may not be trained in evidence-based methods for providing support. Recovery coaches can also help individuals find the necessary resources to ensure success.

Furthermore, recovery coaches may also provide peer mentorship and guidance based on their own lived experience of addiction recovery. Ultimately, recovery coaches serve as a bridge between medical professionals, therapists, and sponsors to ensure that each individual’s needs are met in the most comprehensive way possible.

What Does a Recovery Coach Do?

They provide guidance, support, and accountability while also serving as an advocate for the individual during their journey to sobriety. 

A recovery coach has extensive knowledge of the disease of addiction and can help individuals develop strategies to stay on track with their recovery goals.

What are the Skills of a Recovery Coach?

The primary skills of a recovery coach include the following:

  • Building trust with clients – A successful coach will build strong relationships with their clients to provide adequate support.
  • Motivating and inspiring – Recovery coaches must be able to motivate and inspire their clients to keep them on track with their recovery goals.
  • Providing evidence-based advice – Recovery coaches provide evidence-based advice and resources to help individuals make informed decisions.
  • Listening skills – Listening is vital for recovery coaches, as it allows them to understand the individual’s needs and tailor their services accordingly.

Types of Recovery Coaches

There are various types of recovery coaches, including:

  • Life coach: A life coach helps individuals create goals and create an action plan to reach those goals.
  • Mental health coach: A mental health coach focuses on emotional well-being and supports issues such as anxiety and depression.
  • Substance use coach: A substance use coach specializes in supporting individuals with addiction recovery.
  • Parental coach: A parental coach helps parents learn how to support their children during recovery.
  • Spiritual coach: A spiritual coach can help individuals find meaning and purpose in life, which is essential for successful recovery.
  • Companion Recovery Coach: A companion recovery coach provides companionship and support during recovery.
  • Travel recovery coach: A travel recovery coach focuses on helping individuals stay on track with their recovery goals while traveling.
  • Legal recovery coach: A legal recovery coach helps individuals navigate the legal system during their recovery process.
  • Family recovery coach: A family recovery coach connects with the entire family to provide guidance and support throughout their journey.

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What Are The Benefits Of Recovery Coaching?

There are many benefits to recovery coaching, including the following:

  • Increased self-awareness: With guidance from a coach, individuals learn more about themselves and their patterns of behavior, enabling them to make better decisions for their recovery.
  • Improved communication skills: Recovery coaching helps individuals develop better communication skills, allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings more effectively.
  • Support: A coach provides an understanding, nonjudgmental, and supportive environment, which is essential for successful recovery.
  • Increased motivation: Coaching allows individuals to set achievable goals and helps them to stay motivated on their recovery journey.

Recovery coaching provides an individualized approach to addiction recovery, which is why it has become a popular option for many people.

With the help of a coach, individuals can gain insight into themselves and create action plans that work for them. 

Why is Peer Support Important for Recovery?

Peer support is an integral part of recovery. It provides individuals with a sense of connection and belonging, which can help them stay motivated in their recovery journey. Peer recovery support also helps to normalize the experience of struggling with addiction, as it demonstrates that no one is alone in their struggles. Through peer recovery coaching, individuals can access support, accountability, and guidance from someone who has been in their shoes.

Certified peer recovery coaches can help individuals find the resources they need to stay on track while providing emotional support. Through this type of peer support, individuals are more likely to remain engaged in recovery activities and build a foundation for long-term sobriety.

How Do You Find a Recovery Coach in New Jersey?

New Jersey is home to various recovery coaches and organizations that support individuals in recovery. Many of these organizations specialize in addiction coaching and can provide customized guidance, mentorship, and support to individuals during their journey through sobriety. To find a New Jersey recovery coaching facility, you can start by searching online or asking trusted friends and family for referrals. 

You can also contact your local mental health center or hospital to see if they have any recommendations. Additionally, you can look into local organizations that specialize in addiction recovery and support services.

Relevance Recovery Offers Recovery Coaching in New Jersey

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, consider working with a recovery coach to begin your journey toward lasting sobriety. Relevance Recovery is proud to offer Monmouth county recovery coaching services. 

Our team of certified and experienced coaches provides personalized guidance, mentorship, and support to individuals in recovery. We are dedicated to helping our clients find their strength and resilience through evidence-based strategies such as goal setting and accountability. We will work with you to develop an individualized plan of action to help you stay focused on your recovery goals and achieve long-term sobriety.

If you would like to learn more about our services or are ready to get started, contact us today, and one of our experienced coaches will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

With guidance, compassion, and accountability, you can make positive changes that will lead to lasting sobriety. 

Relevance Recovery’s recovery coaching services in New Jersey can help you get there!

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