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Marijuana Addiction: Effects, Signs and Rehab Treatment

A marijuana treatment center can help an individual quit their marijuana addiction. This drug is one of the most common drugs in the United States. Also known by slang names like weed, grass, pot, Mary Jane, joint, 420, etc., many individuals from the younger population are also falling prey to marijuana addiction due to its legal status.

As per studies, around 147 million, or 2.5% of the total population of the world, consume marijuana. Many people believe that marijuana deserves a legal status as it has medicinal properties. However, one must not forget that marijuana is highly addictive, and once addicted, individuals can treat marijuana addiction or dependency in a marijuana treatment center. This is because it is challenging to quit the addiction to this drug as an individual may face severe withdrawal symptoms if they cease the use of this drug abruptly.

In this blog, we will talk more about marijuana and how a marijuana treatment center can help you.

What is Marijuana?

What is Marijuana?

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Marijuana, in a straightforward line, is a psychoactive drug. This substance originates from a plant called Cannabis Sativa. The Cannabis Sativa plant contains a chemical compound called THC (short form for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which is a highly addictive chemical compound.

The chemical THC causes an individual to feel relaxed and achieve a recreational ‘high’ after it is absorbed in the system. Many people who feel stuck in the stress of their daily lives chase this feeling of euphoria or ‘high’ as a recreational means. Due to the demand for marijuana, it is available in several forms in the market.

While some people dry the flowers of marijuana leaves and inhale the smoke, others like to roll the dried flowers in a joint and smoke it. It is hilarious and unfortunate at the same time that people also consume marijuana in the form of ‘edibles’ by mixing this substance in tea and baked items like cookies, cakes, and pastries.

Marijuana is a Schedule I drug. Schedule I drugs are those types of substances that pose a high risk of dependency, misuse, and addiction.

Marijuana dependency is a phenomenon wherein an individual becomes so habitual of having marijuana in their system that they cannot function normally without this substance. As a result, they need regular doses of marijuana daily to fulfill their daily duties and chores. With marijuana dependency comes marijuana tolerance. If an individual is tolerant to marijuana, they will require high doses of this substance to feel the same effect as lower doses will no longer be effective on them.

Marijuana dependency and tolerance is a vicious cycle that leads to marijuana addiction. Once an individual is addicted to marijuana, they will need the assistance of a marijuana treatment center to get rid of their addiction.

Is marijuana addictive?

Is marijuana addictive?

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The short answer to this question is yes. Marijuana is starting to get accepted as a social drug. Many people share or pass a joint around while partying with their friends. It is crucial to understand that regular use of marijuana can lead to marijuana dependency, marijuana tolerance, and, worst of all, marijuana addiction.

As per studies, 30% of people who use marijuana are at risk of overdosing on this substance. It is no secret that these days, even teenagers are using this substance as a means of recreation. When teenagers expose themselves to such highly addictive substances, they are more vulnerable to developing life-long addictions.

However, marijuana addiction is not the end of the world. With the advancement of behavioral science, one can combat marijuana addiction in a marijuana treatment center. In the next section of this blog, we will discuss what to expect in such treatment centers.

What to expect in a marijuana treatment center?

What to expect in a marijuana treatment center?

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People who are addicted to marijuana often have co-existing mental disorders and illnesses. It could be anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depressive disorder, or stress. In such circumstances, people frequently resort to using marijuana to ease the symptoms of their mental illnesses. Some people might even use marijuana to escape or cope with the daily stress in their lives.

A marijuana treatment center will help such individuals cope with daily stress and mental health illnesses in a healthy manner. One can expect treatment for marijuana addiction in an inpatient treatment setting or an outpatient treatment program. A treatment center will ensure a certified healthcare professional overlooks an individual’s recovery process. The healthcare professional will keep track of an individual’s medical history and vitals throughout their recovery. They might even administer medicines to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

A marijuana addiction treatment program starts with a detox to facilitate the body in flushing out the last traces of THC from the system. After a successful detox, the treatment center initiates the process of therapy. In the next section of this blog, we will discuss the types of therapies available in a marijuana treatment center.

What are the types of treatments available in a marijuana treatment center?

A marijuana treatment center is the best place to get educated about marijuana addiction, recovery and prevent relapse in the future. One can find all the support needed to ensure a healthy recovery from marijuana addiction. The following types of treatment are available in a marijuana treatment center:

Individual Counseling

During individual counseling, an experienced drug counselor discusses the progress of the patient’s recovery. The patients have the liberty to discuss the challenges that they are facing in their recovery. The counselor then advises on how to overcome such challenges.

Individual Therapy

During individual therapy sessions, a certified therapist assigned to the patient helps find the patient the root cause of their addictions. This enables the patients to quit their addictions once and for all. The therapist suggests healthy coping techniques and mechanisms to combat stress daily. Healthy coping strategies ensure that the individual does not relapse into substance abuse once the treatment for marijuana addiction is over.

Group Therapy

Some marijuana treatment centers also offer group therapy sessions wherein an individual can seek therapy sessions in a group setting. The main benefit that these group therapy sessions offer is the support system. When a group of individuals go through the same hardships together, the support system can benefit those seeking to live a sober life.

Couples and Family Counseling

When an individual faces substance abuse disorder, the support of family members can help them overcome their disorder. In such circumstances, couples and family counseling can help an individual during their recovery as a therapist will be able to guide the family members on how to support them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does marijuana come from?

Marijuana originates from a plant known as hemp (Cannabis Sativa). This plant contains THC as an active ingredient. THC is highly addictive and causes an individual to relax or ‘get high’ after consuming it.

2. Are high doses of marijuana dangerous?

The short answer to this question is yes. Marijuana is highly addictive and dangerous. High doses of marijuana can lead to distortion of image, identity loss, and even hallucinations. Long-term abuse of marijuana can lead to respiratory failure and infections, memory loss, increased heart rate, and anxiety and panic attacks.

3. What to expect in a marijuana treatment center?

One can expect a marijuana treatment center, as fully equipped centers that help an individual quit marijuana addiction. The treatment program starts with a detox to get rid of THC from the system. Then, with the help of therapies, the therapist helps the patient find the root cause of their addictions and address it healthily.


As marijuana attained legal status in many states, many people thought it was acceptable to consume marijuana to ease their tension and stress. However, one must not forget that marijuana is highly addictive. When an individual uses marijuana regularly, they are at risk of developing marijuana dependency, marijuana tolerance, and marijuana addiction.

However, marijuana addiction is not the end of the world. A marijuana treatment center can help you get healthily rid of your addiction. Additionally, such treatment centers can help individuals figure out ways to deal with daily stress using healthy coping strategies.

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