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What Disorders Commonly Affect Teens?

Significant changes to the body and social structure instigate a number of mental health disorders over the teen years. Based on physical, social, and emotional changes, teens are at a higher risk of developing a substance use disorder or mental health disorder.

At Relevance Recovery our fully comprehensive New Jersey outpatient programs are designed to support the needs of individuals as they progress through their journey of recovery. Our holistic treatment programs are designed to address the significant mental health, physical health, and behavioral concerns prevalent in youth today. 

Speak with an admissions counselor to see how we can support you or your child on their recovery journey.

Why Are Teens Prone to Mental Health Issues?

There are several reasons that teens seem more prone to developing mental health issues. For starters, the influx of hormones in the body can initiate or increase the awareness of mental health symptoms. Additionally, teenagers experience a high amount of transition and change in a short period. This can cause an increased likelihood of developing a mental health disorder. Lastly, teens are more prone to developing mental health issues based on their actions, the risks they take, their friend group, and the environment they are in.

Youth are also at a higher risk for mental illness based on their home life. According to youth.gov low, income households increase the risk for mental health disorders. Additionally, children involved in the child where welfare and juvenile justice system have an even greater risk of developing a mental health disorder. Approximately half of all children in the welfare system have a mental health disorder, While nearly 70% of youth in the juvenile justice system have a diagnosable mental health disorder.

What Disorders Commonly Affect Teens?

According to the National Institute on Mental Health, teens are at a higher risk for developing anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, and suicidal thoughts and plan development. 

Another common problem for teens is that teens are at an extremely high risk of developing a substance use disorder with their mental health issues. Studies show that up to 75% of teens with a mental health disorder also develop a substance use disorder. Teens who experience a major depressive episode are twice as likely to begin using alcohol or illicit drugs than their peers who have not experienced that. One study showed that 16% of youth who had not used an illegal drug in the past year initiated use after a major depressive episode.

Signs of Mental Health Disorders in Teens

There are a number of signs for family members and loved ones to look out for when it comes to team mental health. While many team behaviors, changes, and developments can be expected, extremes and sudden changes are not.

According to youth.gov, warning signs and behaviors to be concerned about include changes in school performance, severe worry or anxiety related to school, activities, and social interactions, frequent physical complaints, significant changes in eating or sleeping habits, difficulty concentrating, sexually acting out, depression, mood swings, and repeated use of alcohol or drugs. 

While This is not a comprehensive list of signs and behaviors a teen may experience, it provides insight into the struggles and more common expressions of mental health and teenagers.

Teen Mental Health Treatment in New Jersey

If you were sick, you’d take medicine to get better. Likewise, when your brain is suffering from a mental illness or an addiction, it’s essential to get treatment to heal properly.

At Relevance Recovery, we offer multiple authentic pathways to substance abuse relapse prevention and work to ensure long-term affordable care for all clients. Our New Jersey addiction treatment programs teach clients how to cope with their current condition, avoid triggers, and ask for help when needed. In addition, we offer holistic and medication-assisted therapies for long-term success. Through bio sound therapy, equine psychotherapy, massage therapy, fitness and meditation, and peer support and life skills, our medical professionals can create robust treatment programs for each client.

You are relevant. At Relevance Recovery, we are here to help you start your journey to substance abuse recovery in New Jersey today.

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