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What is DMT meditation? Exploring the benefits and risks

It’s crucial to ask oneself, “What is DMT meditation?” to associate with its benefits and risks.   

As per the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health,1.4 million Americans aged 12 or older are current hallucinogen users, including DMT. This drug has low addictive properties. Findings suggest it aids some people who have treatment-resistant depression. The fusion of the ancient practice of meditation with DMT works like a magical potion for people seeking profound spiritual experiences. We are here to educate everyone about “what is DMT meditation?” and how it can transform one’s life. Read further to know more!

What is DMT meditation?

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Before understanding “what is DMT meditation?”, it is necessary to be familiar with DMT. DMT is a psychedelic substance usually found in plants and animals. Its high effect takes a person on a trip to self-reflection and spiritual experience. Research by Imperial College London highlights the benefit of DMT in increasing brain connectivity, resulting in improved communication between different areas and systems. DMT meditation infuses a similar effect without ingesting the substance. This practice harnesses the synergistic effect of meditation to pave a path of discovery and transformation. We implement it through meditative techniques such as breathwork, visualization, mantra recitation, and concentration exercises. These techniques create the DMT effect through heightened awareness and deep connection. Though this may not fully replicate the DMT experience, it’s still suitable for healing and self-improvement.

Process of DMT meditation 

There is no standard procedure or rules laid down for DMT meditation. It is generally accompanied by a series of steps, as explained below-


This stage involves developing an environment suitable for DMT meditation. It includes setting goals for the meditation session and surrounding oneself with a meditation guide or friend for support and company.


It involves practicing mindfulness, deep breathing, or visualization techniques to enhance relaxation and focus.


For a more profound effect of DMT meditation, this stage asks us to reflect on our journey experience and integrate it into our lives. Journaling or sharing experiences with therapists or loved ones are some ways to integrate their learnings.

Techniques of DMT meditation


In DMT meditation, breathwork prepares the body and mind for the psychedelic experience. It involves rapid, rhythmic breathing patterns designed to induce altered states of consciousness or slow and controlled breathing for developing focus.


This technique involves mentally picturing images, scenes, or symbols to help people form vivid internal landscapes similar to those reported in DMT experiences. It helps enhance focus and attention and potentially induces altered states.

Mantra Recitation

This technique involves repeating similar words or sounds silently or aloud to improve the focus of the mind and cultivate inner peace.

Concentration Exercise

This technique asks a person to focus on a single point, such as a candle flame, breath, or sound. It helps calm the mind and prepare it for the altered state. 

Benefits of DMT meditation 

Benefits of DMT meditation

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The experience of DMT meditation is not the same for everyone; each of us will have a different understanding of its benefits. A study done by Griffiths et al. showed that a combination of psychedelics and meditation generates long-term improvements in psychological functioning as well as trait measures of prosocial attitudes and behaviors. Here are some of the other benefits of DMT mediation:

Enhances Creativity

DMT meditation enables people to access new perspectives, ideas, and solutions, which increases their creativity.

  • Self-discovery
    DMT meditation deepens a person’s connection with self, providing more significant insights into one’s emotions and motivations and setting growth potential.
  • Stress Reduction
    Like any other meditation, DMT meditation too works like a healer when it comes to managing stress and anxiety. It enables a person to create an environment of positivity that can keep them away from stress.

Spiritual Exploration

What is DMT meditation for the spiritual world? It acts as a bridge between one’s conscious and spiritual self. Research by the All Institute of Medical Science shows that addressing the patient’s spiritual needs may enhance recovery from illness. Thus, DMT meditation assists in exploring one’s spiritual self, further improving overall well-being. 

Risks and precautions of DMT meditation 

Practice DMT meditation while keeping in mind the following risks: 

  • Psychological distress: People with a history of medical conditions or those who are unassociated with meditation earlier are at higher risk. The experience of vivid hallucinations, altered states of consciousness, and emotional upheaval can trigger one’s fear and anxiety.

  • Risk of hallucinogen persisting perception disorder: DMT meditation may trigger flashbacks or persistent perceptual disturbances, which can lead to this disorder. It can result in visual disturbances that would not have a good effect on one’s mind.

  • Risky for people with pre-existing conditions: People with a history of mental health conditions like anxiety, psychosis, or schizophrenia should be extra cautious of its effects. DMT meditation, in this case, should be practiced if suggested by a medical professional.


  • Avoid the use of any medications or recreational substances during DMT meditation.
  • Seek advice from a medical expert if you have a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Before indulging in the consumption of DMT, study its addictive potential.
  • Be non-judgemental and positive throughout your experience.
  • Understand “what is DMT meditation?” and practice only in jurisdictions where its use is legal.  


1. What is DMT meditation?

DMT meditation is the practice of achieving an altered state of consciousness similar to that created by DMT. It involves using various meditative techniques to develop a DMT effect. 

2. What is DMT meditation benefit?

DMT meditation enhances creativity, increases self-awareness, and deepens connection with oneself.

3. What are DMT meditation risks?

For people unaware of meditative practices, deep meditative states can be intense, and some people may experience anxiety, fear, or even feelings of dissociation. It is also not scientifically proven to be as effective and may lead to disappointment in terms of results. 

4. What is a DMT meditation alternative?

Several other meditative practices are alternatives to DMT meditation. These involve breathwork, concentration exercises, and other meditations less severe than DMT meditation.

5. What is DMT meditation’s effect on individuals?

The effect of DMT meditation varies from individual to individual and depends on various factors. Its general effects include an altered state of consciousness, increased self-reflection, and enhanced creativity. 


The intersection of DMT and meditation can provide a path for personal growth and spiritual exploration. However, it is essential to conduct this practice under the supervision and guidance of a qualified medical professional. If its benefits are convincing enough, take it as a call to implement it and witness its effect firsthand. For a more profound impact, approach the practice with mindfulness and medical supervision. What is DMT meditation meant to bring to each of us? It is an entire journey of learning and experiences. We hope that this experience will shape each one of our lives in a better way.

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