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Holistic Addiction Treatment

Discover proof that holistic addiction treatment can help lead to long-term recovery.

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Addiction and the struggles each person faces as they choose to seek sobriety are unique to the individual. No two people feel or live addiction in the same way, and therefore addiction treatment programs must be designed around the holistic needs of the individual seeking treatment. Programs designed to address the whole person (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) are proven significantly more effective than programs that merely address only the addiction. Traditional treatment models like psychotherapy, behavioral therapies and talk therapies, and various others have been used as proven and essential elements of comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs for many years. The benefits to these treatment models are that they provide the ability to address both addiction and mental health treatment needs as a part of treatment. However, these long-standing treatment programs are not the only successful or beneficial treatment options available. In recent years, many addiction treatment centers and outpatient alcohol rehabs in New Jersey have begun integrating alternative treatments into their treatment plans to ensure a more holistic approach to recovery. 

What is Holistic Treatment for Drug Addiction?

Due to the unique nature of addiction, it has been found that utilizing alternative treatment methods in conjunction with traditional therapy techniques provides a greater chance of overall treatment success. Most alternative treatment methods are not considered a substitute for traditional addiction treatment therapy. However, when alternative approaches are incorporated into a comprehensive treatment model, it helps to ensure a more holistic treatment overall. Depending on the treatment center, alternative therapies such as a biosound, meditation, and equine therapies are used alongside cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and nutritional supports to create a holistic treatment plan designed around your unique treatment needs and goals. 

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What Kind of Techniques Are Used in
Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment techniques are non-medicinal treatment models used to complement traditional treatment therapies. Holistic recovery in New Jersey looks to ensure the needs of the whole person are brought together. Holistic techniques focus on the client’s overall well-being while also addressing the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal and addiction. 

Equine Therapy

Studies show equine therapy (also called horse therapy or equine-assisted therapy) can help patients in addiction treatment form a more positive self-image. Horses can also help provide essential emotional support throughout the therapeutic process. Horses are non-judgmental creatures and will give to the relationship with a human what is given to them. Consequently, they can help addicts in recovery learn healthy ways to foster essential life skills such as communication, trust, patients, and humility. Some patients who participated in equine therapy noted the time spent with the horse allowed them to forget everything by providing an essential break from traditional treatment. 

holistic addiction treatment

Biosound Therapy

Biosound therapy uses sound (specifically vibrations) to help put the nervous system in a state of relaxation. In recent years, biosound therapy has grown in popularity as a treatment for both mental health and substance abuse disorders. During a biosound session, the client sits in a chair designed explicitly for biosound therapy. While covered with a blanket, you are exposed to a variety of vibration patterns that you can both hear and see. Biosound therapy is a non-invasive, non-narcotic means of reducing the impact and severity of mental health symptoms (such as depression and anxiety) as well as reducing the pain and discomfort associated with the detox and withdrawal process. Biosound therapy is not a standalone treatment; however, when combined with other evidence-based treatments, research shows that biosound therapy showed a symptom reduction of as much as 57% compared to levels pre-session. 

Holistic Addiction Treatment


During detox, either from alcohol or drugs, many people struggle with physical symptoms that can range from mild to severe. Many of these symptoms translate to pain that spreads throughout the body, especially impacting the muscles and joints. An experienced massage therapist can help ease body tension (both known and unknown), making the detox and recovery process less uncomfortable. Therapeutic massage promotes the release of specific hormones in the body that improve mood while decreasing the production of another hormone, cortisol, that is tied to the body’s stress response. Massage can also stimulate pressure points in the body, helping to lower heart rate and blood pressure. 

Meditation and Fitness

Recovery from addiction, especially detox and withdrawal, can cause increased stress, reduced energy, difficulties sleeping, and significant mood changes. Although many of these symptoms begin immediately upon starting detox, they often last well into treatment and recovery. When someone in recovery participates in regular physical activity, they can benefit from stress reduction, improved sleep, increased energy, improved mood, and an overall improvement in their mental and physical health. Meditation is also an excellent way to reduce stress and enhance mood. Meditation is also proven to help anyone (not just those in recovery) take a moment to recenter their body and mind, which can be highly beneficial during addiction treatment. 

Holistic Addiction Treatment
Holistic Treatment

Peer Support & Life Skills

An essential element of long-term recovery is one’s ability to navigate their day-to-day life post-treatment. Factors such as triggering situations and even triggering people often lead to challenges to sobriety. When someone completes addiction treatment, it often requires changing some aspects of their lives, sometimes including members of their social circles. Aftercare planning as part of a holistic treatment program provides the benefit of programs that enhance peer support. Participating in support groups provides addicts in recovery a safe space to practice essential life skills and healthy coping strategies learned in treatment. 

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How Can One Achieve Holistic Recovery from Addictions?

Successful addiction treatment and recovery requires strength and commitment to what is inevitably a journey that will have its ups and downs. Those who achieve the highest level of success on their treatment journey are those who are able to find strength in the connection of their mind, body, and spirit. Holistic treatments are designed to treat the patients as a whole. They address all of the essential elements needed to heal the person, not their addiction. For some who seek treatment, traditional treatment methods like group therapy or particular individual therapies may be intimidating or uncomfortable. Including alternative approaches as part of a comprehensive plan (either on-site or even in a virtual rehab setting) can help make seeking treatment and achieving sobriety at a treatment facility like Relevance more accessible for everyone. Although statistics pointing to the benefits of alternative therapies over traditional therapies are limited, there are many reports from patients directly or from care provider observations that indicate including alternative therapies into a treatment program improves the chances for treatment success. 

Recover from Addiction Holistically with Relevance Recovery

Choosing to seek addiction treatment is only the first step on your journey to a healthier you. The path to sobriety and well-being is not often easy. There will indeed be bumps and stumbling points along the way. With the help of the holistic addiction treatment programs at Relevance Recovery, you will feel supported and guided throughout the addiction treatment process. Beginning with detox and continuing through aftercare, our highly trained addiction treatment professionals will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment program that integrates alternative therapies with long-trusted traditional addiction treatment models. At Relevance Recovery, your successful recovery is our goal. Don’t settle for just any treatment program. Get sober where your needs and goals are relevant. If you are ready to start your journey to sobriety, contact our admissions counselors today.