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Finding the Best Outpatient Alcohol Programs Near You.

If you are considering alcohol rehab, it is likely that you have come across various types of programs available to meet your addiction treatment needs. While researching addiction rehabs near you, you will see facilities that provide inpatient residential care, intensive outpatient care, and outpatient treatment programs, among others. Deciding which program is right for you can quickly become confusing. Outpatient alcohol rehab is a popular and highly effective way to treat alcohol use disorder (or alcoholism). Outpatient rehabs provide those seeking treatment the ability to get help for their addiction without interfering with day-to-day obligations and responsibilities. Outpatient programs offer various services, including medication-assisted detox and therapy and peer support groups.

What Are Outpatient Alcohol Programs?

Outpatient alcohol treatment programs provide similar comprehensive, evidence-based treatments like those found in an inpatient residential setting. The most significant benefit to outpatient treatment programs is the ability to receive potentially lifesaving services without having to live onsite at the treatment facility throughout the duration of your program. Also, outpatient programs are usually not as intensive as inpatient residential programs due to the design of the treatment environment. This provides you the freedom to continue going to work, school, and meeting family obligations while receiving treatment. 

Outpatient programs are often an excellent option for someone with a mild addiction or someone who has completed an inpatient treatment program and is not quite ready yet to resume day-to-day life without the ongoing support found in the treatment environment. Also, outpatient programs are an excellent option for those with a stable home environment and limited concerns about exposure to triggers. However, it is important to note that outpatient programs, while a great alternative to 30-, 60-, or 90-day inpatient residential programs, are not a good fit for everyone. 

If you have completed an addiction treatment program before and experienced relapse, outpatient treatment is likely not the best fit for you. Additionally, if you’ve been struggling with a long-term drinking problem or have a severe addiction, an inpatient residential treatment program might be the best place to start before stepping down to an outpatient program like Relevance Recovery.

How Do I Know an Outpatient Alcohol Program Is Right for Me? 

Your treatment needs and the severity of your addiction will help determine if outpatient rehab is right for you. Like inpatient programs, outpatient programs involve daily treatment (including counseling, therapy, or group sessions). Many outpatient programs last between three and six months but can last longer if needed. There are several benefits to outpatient care, including lower cost, different types of care and care intensity levels, variable appointment availability, and likely, most importantly, the ability to continue receiving life-changing treatment while living at home. Another benefit to outpatient alcohol rehab is the integration of peer support groups, including traditional 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and like-skill programs, including help with housing, educational applications, and employment assistance. 

Reach Out to Relevance Recovery Today

Acknowledging a struggle with alcohol is difficult. Deciding to seek treatment and overcome an adverse relationship with alcohol is also challenging. At Relevance Recovery, many of our treatment providers have shared a similar experience and, therefore, understand the struggles associated with going to rehab. Addiction is a disease, and like many chronic illnesses, it can be successfully treated. At Relevance Recovery, our treatment team will work with you to design a comprehensive outpatient treatment program that addresses your treatment needs and goals. If you are ready to begin your journey of sobriety, today is the day to contact the admissions team at Relevance Recovery to learn more about how our Freehold, NJ outpatient alcohol rehab can help you overcome alcohol addiction. 

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