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What is a Holistic Drug Treatment Program?

People talk about holistic health like everyone should understand what it means without ever explaining it. Holistic medicine focuses on treating the whole person, not just the individual disease. A holistic practitioner will not just focus on the person’s unique disorder or illness but on improving the individual’s overall well-being. This is incredibly important, and addiction treatment and recovery are now. 

Treating the condition is excellent, but treating the individual and teaching them how to address the concerns and other triggering factors provides an opportunity for growth and’s long-term recovery.

At Relevance Recovery, our New Jersey treatment programs practice a holistic approach to addiction treatment and behavioral health. Contact a treatment coordinator today to see how we can support your holistic health through recovery.

What is Holistic Drug Treatment Program?

A holistic drug treatment program is designed to minutes the needs of clients struggling with substance abuse disorders. This program addresses the client’s mental, behavioral, emotional, physical, and social needs. Holistic addiction treatment programs combine traditional, evidence-based addiction treatment and alternative methods. A holistic program is designed to help patients develop “a stronger sense of self-identity, self-esteem, and self-confidence.” 

Through this treatment process, there is a “focus on fixing the cause of the element, not just relieving the symptoms and treating a patient as a person, not the disease.” The thought process behind this idea is to promote better overall health in every aspect of a client’s life.

What are Holistic Treatment Practices Available?

Several holistic treatment practices are available for individuals going through drug rehab. Individuals will access physical, mental, emotional, and social treatment practices to facilitate rehabilitation. 

Physical holistic treatment practices that are helpful during rehabilitation are some of the most commonly known physical therapies. Things like dance and movement therapy, tai chi, hiking, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and yoga are all holistic health practices supportive to individuals undergoing substance-abuse treatment. Many traditional treatment centers may offer yoga or movie therapy, but a holistic treatment center will have more options, and a more significant focus will be placed on the client’s physical health and treatment. Holistic treatment practices will also focus on nutrition as a guiding factor in rehabilitative health.

Traditional treatment focuses on cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy as the basis for rehabilitative care. A holistic approach will use conventional and alternative therapies like meditation, mindfulness, and other psychiatric practices for specialized disorders. For example, individuals struggling with a dual diagnosis of depression and substance use disorder will receive therapy for the substance use disorder, and an additional mental health treatment will be in place for their depression. This also applies to several common mental illnesses like anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, trauma, and bipolar disorder. 

Clients’ emotional well-being is also a significant focus of a holistic treatment center. Individuals will be encouraged to develop and grow their spirituality and evaluate their emotional connections to people and things. 

Lastly, holistic treatment will encourage social growth as well. This can include vocational services, cultural awareness and appreciation, and other social learning practices encouraging individuals to be a part of their community.

How to Find Holistic Drug Treatment in New Jersey

Define holistic drug treatment in New Jersey; look no further than Relevance Recovery. Our Freehold treatment center encourages holistic, integrative, and multidisciplinary treatment for substance abuse and mental illness. Our clients have access to a combination of holistic therapies and medication-assisted treatment. 

Holistic therapies include bio sound therapy, equine psychotherapy, massage therapy, fitness and meditation, peer support, and life skills. We believe that through these holistic practices, our clients can enhance their self-care progress spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

At Relevance Recovery, clients have access to a high-quality addiction treatment designed to address the root cause of addiction. We believe each individual has a unique experience, and each treatment program is tailored to meet those individual needs. Our leadership and staff understand the path to recovery, which is why we have created an “authentic multi-pathway philosophy attached to an award-winning substance-abuse relapse prevention program that ensures long-term, affordable care for all clients.”

Verify your insurance and speak with a representative today to see how we can guide you on your recovery journey.

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