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The Best Way to Stay Sober From Drugs and Alcohol

If you have decided to get sober, you have likely begun searching for the best addiction treatment center to help you realize your sobriety goals. While detox and comprehensive addiction treatment are the essential first step on your journey, it is important to know that the process doesn’t end after you successfully get sober. Addiction is a chronic disease characterized by instances of relapse. As many as 60% of those who complete an addiction treatment program or get sober “cold turkey” will experience at least one instance of relapse during recovery. While these statistics indicate what traditionally occurs, they do not mean relapse is inevitable for everyone. 

How to Stay Sober From Drugs and Alcohol

Staying sober is a journey, not a destination. It is a process that requires ongoing effort and commitment. Although the process may seem overwhelming, attaining and maintaining lasting sobriety is an achievable goal. Below are a few things you can do to stay sober from drugs and alcohol.

Complete an Addiction Treatment Program 

Completing an addiction treatment program is one of the best ways to get and stay sober. Although many people try to quit drugs or alcohol independently (otherwise known as quitting “cold turkey”), and some succeed, quitting without support increases your chances for relapse. In some cases, trying to reduce or stop using your substance of choice will result in intense withdrawal symptoms. Similarly, the severity of your addiction contributes to difficult detox and withdrawal. At an addiction treatment program, you will have access to services such as medically assisted detox, comprehensive addiction therapy, and ongoing support while you begin your sobriety journey. The benefits and education provided during an addiction treatment program can provide the tools needed to stay sober. 

Join a 12-Step Support Group

12-step support groups as part of recovery and aftercare can be vital tools of ongoing support. Traditional 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or one of several other programs that have risen out of inspiration provided by AA provide you with an opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals who share or have shared similar struggles. At weekly meetings, other group members who may be at different stages of recovery can and will serve as mentors and supportive peers. 

Continue Individual Therapy

Therapy doesn’t not have to end upon the completion of an addiction treatment program. On the contrary, continuing individual therapy sessions with your mental health professional can help you continue to explore difficulties or bumps in the road you may experience during recovery. During ongoing therapy, you can continue to learn new coping mechanisms for triggers and develop a deeper understanding of how certain situations and environments further addictive behaviors. 

Benefits of Relevance Recovery’s Aftercare Program

The aftercare program at Relevance Recovery ensures you have access to an all-encompassing accountability program to help you stay on track during recovery. Participation in the aftercare program ensures you have access to a strong sober community and provides opportunities to participate in activities that can help you maintain a positive outlook on your recovery journey. On your own, recovery can be challenging. But, with a robust aftercare program, you are surrounded by a healthy support system to help you get through challenging times and difficult moments. Our aftercare program also offers monthly mixers, retreats, scholarship opportunities, training options, career development, and various other sober social activities. 

If you are ready to begin the journey to sobriety, don’t wait another day. Reach out to the team at Relevance Recovery today to learn more about how our addiction treatment program and comprehensive aftercare program can help you stay sober from drugs and alcohol. 

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