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The Healing Power of Music

The 19th-century Danish author, Hans Christian Anderson, wrote “where words fail, music speaks.” Often times, it is difficult to verbalize our deepest thoughts and feelings. We simply cannot find the right words; however music provides a way to do just that. Music has the power to release our worries, fears and uncertainties, take us to the most unimaginable places, free us from negative stress and frustration, and put words to our thoughts and feelings. Due to these benefits and more, music therapy is a growing field. Today, music is being used in a variety of treatment centers across the country and the world. Music is a universal modality that soothes the soul and promotes healing. Think about all the songs you listen to…there is our designated happy song, sad song, angry song, fearful song, fun song, exercise song… the list goes on and on. As a therapist, I am always researching ways to connect with my clients and help them achieve wellness. Sometimes talk therapy is just not enough, and thus having a toolbox filled with various therapeutic modalities is essential. Recently, music has been one of my “go to” tools. Maybe it can be one of yours too! Grab your iPhone or iPod and get lost in the music.

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